Cream Fat Burner

Elixir company by making fitness miracle slimming cream enables for those who don’t want to use fat burner supplement and drugs, that achieve the best results by using fitness miracle fat burner and anti cellulite cream without any side effects. So, good changes appear after 30 days. This changes depend on fat volume and amount of cellulite that differ from person to person. For efficient result, it’s recommended to use the fitness miracle slimming cream from 1 month to 4 months.
Instruction for use: apply over the fat and cellulite spots and massage in a clockwise direction.


Performance of fitness miracle fat burner and anti cellulite cream :
– Eliminates fat and cellulite.
– Improves blood circulation and metabolism.
– Repairs loose skin due to fast weight loss and tightens the skin.
This cream penetrates to deep into the skin and does regeneration of collagen,stiff muscles and prevents accumulation of fat. Also this product is effective for thinning of the skin and improve appearance abdominal muscles for professional athletes.
Attentions : not suitable for pregnancy and breast feeding women and children.